Hytera offers a complete TETRA portfolio including infrastructure, terminals, applications, accessories, and some of they solutions can be adapted for HamTetra use quite simple with minimal intervention.
However, like most of manufacturers, Hytera cannot be called Ham Friendly and they are not involved in Ham Radio Comunity, as business side it will not generate or meet  they desired income.

 Exception is just they trial and fail with Hytera AR6685 wich was released without experience in Ham Radio field. But this is another story

As Hytera Tetra Terminals are quite rare on the “outside market “and programming cables alongside with Radio Programming Software prices are up to the sky for Ham Comunity,  plus inexistent hardware and software mods for Tetra radios outside of Ham band, buying a Hytera Tetra radio need to be considered twice and raported to price/knowledge/time spent to make it right(if)/ radio specifications adaptibility in Ham Networks.

Most of Hytera Tetra terminals are released in 4 dedicated bands according with market utility.
As they cannot be HW or SW moded, for most of Hytera Tetra Radio models, version desired for Ham use is F4, wich it cover ham bands with no issues. Exceptions are Hybrid terminals, PTC680 and PTC760 wich come from factory 350-470MHz for PTC680 and 350-475MHZ for PTC760

Frequency Range :
F1 : 320 – 380MHz
F3 : 380 – 430MHz
F4 : 405 – 475MHz
F5 : 806 – 870MHz